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Q: Are the drones any different or they just look different?
A: All drones have different stats — engine power, rotation speed, steering speed, maneurability, weight — that affect their flight which in turn makes for very different playstyles.

Q: How are drones controlled? From the trailers they look constrained and moving on rails.
A: Drones have pitch, roll and yaw controls along with vertical and horizontal maneuring thrusters, and they do pitch/roll, not just yaw, when they’re designed to fly in that manner.

Q: What kind of rig I need to run this?
A: You’ll be pretty comfortable on Intel i5, 8Gb RAM and GTX970 with 4Gb VRAM, that’ll get you sweet 60fps@1080p with everything maxed. For VR though we’d recommend GTX980 or dropping some heavy postprocessing.

Q: What kind of VR headsets i  can use?
A: You can use HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. Both have been tested to work perfectly.