Check Out Different Types of the Slot Machine Games Available

Slot games are the easiest and simplest games compared to other casino games out there as gameplay of slot is uncomplicated and easy to understand. In all the slot machine games, even one on the slot online, players have to choose the stake before spinning their reels. Most of the slot machine games available at come in the less complex design, bonuses and payouts and making them quite simple to comprehend as well as play than other types of the casino games out there.

Different Kinds of Slot Machine

On clicking the casino websites online, you will notice various categories of the slot games with new and distinct features. Although some slot games ignore their common features, still you can find different types of the slot machine games, which are designed from the top movie, TV series, and music. Let us have a look over a few common kinds of the slot games that are available at the casinos online.


It is the varied games category, which includes some basic elements like RNG mechanism & various symbols. Some of the slot machines provide offer bonus features, whereas others don’t.  In the same way, you will find the reels in specific slots, whereas others don’t.

3-Reel Slots

Many of us are acquainted with three reel slot game type. However, for those who are new and not in know, three reels slot machine stays popular and the earliest type of this game, going back to 1960s. They also have seen a few changes; over past some years with more paylines & made in the progressive slot games with an ability of paying over one million. In some countries they are called as the fruit machines.

Fruit Slot Machines

This kind of slot is known as Fruit Slot Machines as symbols represent the parts of fruits like cherries, oranges, and more. These are similar to the classic slot found in the traditional casinos. You do not have to adhere to old-schooled reel layout just to enjoy your slots. In current days, you will find the fruit slot with higher range of the bonus features & reels.

3D Slots

These are built on 5-reel slot network; 3D slots are the visual feasts and involve latest animation technology. The characters seem bolder, detailed, and attract the deeper involvement and engrossment from their player. At first, it was just few companies who created the 3D slot games, however it has now become a common trend and many big boys are creating 3D slots.

Jackpot Slots

The jackpot slot game is one term that is used for explaining the offered prize, known as Jackpot. These kinds of the slots are available in various sizes and shapes depending on a jackpot prize that they have. The jackpot slots are of different kinds out there–fixed, local, network, or progressive. You may determine the frequency and size of the jackpot payout as well as gamers’ contribution to its prize pot through every kind of the jackpot slots.