How to win money thanks to martingale at online roulette

In online roulette, the martingale system involves doubling bets after you’ve encountered loss. This means that as soon as you make a bet with even odds, you would win eventually. The money you would make is enough to cover all the initial losses. That means that you get a profit while using the martingale system.

For instance, if you start betting with $20 and win the first bet, you win $20. However, if you lose it, you’ll make a bet of $40 for the next wager. If you win the second bet, you earn $40. You’ll get back your bet of $40, and that covers the bet amount. The $40 covers your initial $20 bet, meaning that your profit will be $20.

How to place bets with the Martingale

To win money using the martingale in online roulette, you should play on the outside bets. Players use the Martingale strategy in roulette when playing on the extreme outside bets. These bets are the 1-18 (Manque) or 19-36 (Passe). It also has red, black, even, or odd. The outside bets have the maximum odds of winning more than the inside bets. These odds are close to 50%. You win the same amount you used to bet, and you’ll get an extra chip along with the original chip you used.

According to, the starting amount that you’re wagering should be capable of being wagered 6 times without getting to the maximum limit. And to wager 6x in a row, you must have the maximum bet allowed.

The doubling strategy

The doubling strategy is another concept that helps you win money. It is also used when adopting the Martingale system in online roulette. When you place your bet on one of the extreme outside bets, you’re able to double your bet. After losing a coup, you can also double your bet. You can double as much as you can until you eventually win. Your first win would cover the losses from all the bets you’ve placed. It also gives you a profit that’s equal to your initial bet. After winning, you can start all over again with the same amount as your original bet and continue to double till you win yet again. Also, the doubling strategy allows you to get a replacement for all the chips lost.

Can you get permanent winnings from the martingale?

The martingale allows you to earn winnings within a period, and if you adopt the strategies, you’ll succeed at it. There are some casinos that offer the free play money mode. This will help you practice winning money in a roulette game. But real money betting is the most ideal way of testing your luck. While testing your luck and it gets good, you have the chance to win real money instantly.

Winnings may start small, but time always changes the situation and you will start to win more money than when you played the initial bet. With consistency, many roulette players have testified to a successful Martingale experience.

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