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People might be aware of the fact that Indonesia is one of the best countries for gambling games. The main origin of gambling industry is from Indonesia. Here it is made legal Because of high demand. Have you ever thought that why it is not legal in all country? It is because gambling industry is a type of lottery which is land based. This industry never help people for their loss of belonging OR money. It cannot be made legal all over the world because of the bad impact off money. This industry well not only makes you rich in one day but also you will lose all your expense in a day. So according to government there are still many countries where it is not made legal.

What’s the purpose of gambling industry?

The main purpose of gambling industry is to provide benefit and make you rich in a day.

  • In India People rely upon lottery games and check their luck. It is totally land based you have to buy lottery ticket and then check for the number if your luck has favor you are not. Similarly gambling industry will give you opportunity to play various types of games online and add you some extra benefit.
  • In gambling industry if your luck favors then definitely you can become rich in a day. But if your luck does not favor you will even become Blood and will lose all your money in a day.

What type of game can we play in gambling industry?

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