What Happens for the Volleyball bets for you Now

Volleyball is an extremely interesting sport to watch as well as a really profitable sport for betting. By playing with the best odds on the market and learning the laws of the sport, you are stronger. Volleyball is one of the largest and most watched sports in the world. Above all, in Brazil, Russia and the United States, the species is extremely popular.

In The country, too, volleyball is watched a lot in relation to the population, but perhaps the majority of spectators are older than the younger generation. The country’s best achievement at the World Championships is ninth placing (2014) and fourth place at the European Championships (2007).

The country of the most successful ever (measured by World Cup medals) is Russia (including Soviet medals). In addition, Brazil, Italy, the Czech Republic and Bulgaria have performed well over the years.

Today, Poland is also an extremely hard bone and volleyball W88casino has become one of the most popular sports in the country. The 2014 World Cup was held in Poland and the host country grabbed a sensational gold medal.


The most popular volleyball events and competitions

European Championships

The 2019 European Volleyball Championships will be held among four countries in Belgium, France, the Netherlands and Slovenia and will be the next biggest volleyball value tournament. The European Championships are always held every two years. The country is participating in this year’s European Championships. The previous competitions were held in 2017 in Poland.

Olympic volleyball

Volleyball will be next at the Olympics in 2020. The 2020 Summer Olympics will be held in Tokyo, Japan.

World Cup

The next World Volleyball Championships 2022 will be held in Russia. The country is striving to achieve its place in the Volleyball World Cup qualifiers. The World Championships are held every four years. The previous competitions were held in 2018 in Bulgaria and Italy. The country placed 16th in the last World Championships.

World League

The World Volleyball League is an annual competition organized by the international FIVB, which has been going on since 1990.

Most popular forms of betting:

The most common thing in volleyball is to play the winner, but there are plenty of other forms of betting as well. We quickly go through the most common game modes of all.


Your intention is to bet on which one will win the match. It is worth noting that in volleyball, level differences can be extremely large.


A simple bet where you also bet on the winner of the match. A draw (x) is created if the match progresses to the fifth round. Moneyline is a more common and attractive target in many ways.


How many batches are seen? Volleyball always plays the best of five rounds, meaning you can see either three, four or five rounds in a match. There are many under / over items available, which are often the most affordable for the bettor.