What Is A Poker Bot?

If you have been playing online poker for a while, it is likely that you have heard of poker bots already, and possibly even faced a few. Particularly in recent times, when artificial intelligence is constantly getting more and more sophisticated, bots have become quite common. A poker bot is basically a computer program designed to play poker on behalf of a human player. These bots are capable of thinking logically and making the decisions the way an experienced player would. In other words, a poker bot is a software that you can allow to play on your behalf on an online poker site. 

Why are poker bots used?

If the concept of bots is new to you, you might wonder why people even rely on a computer program to play on their behalf. This is simply because of the various advantages that one can enjoy from using bots. 

    • Bots are tireless: While a human player needs to rest once in a while, a bot doesn’t. Thus, a bot can keep playing for long periods of time, constantly generating profits. A bot is also immune to making mistakes as a result of fatigue from long hours of playing.
    • Bots are flawless: A computer program isn’t susceptible to emotions or sudden excitement. Unlike humans, it wouldn’t make an impulsive move. Bots play in the way they are programmed too, making every move based on certain formulas. This is one of the key reasons why bots tend to win very often.


  • Bots are already trained: If a human player is to enjoy a good win rate, he/she has to learn to play poker really well. Experience plays an important role behind the win rate too. However, does doesn’t need to be a good poker player in order to win using a bot. It is definitely beneficial to have the basic knowledge of the game so that the bot can be used to its full potentially. However, someone who is new to online poker may also use a poker bot to win the matches. 


How do poker bots work?

When poker bots were first developed, they were relatively simple software which would just be programmed to respond to certain moves in specific ways. Now, however, bots are far more advanced. They are capable of making complex logical decisions which can help to win a match. 

  • The modern poker bots are based on machine learning and neural networks. 
  • The neural network constantly records data during a gameplay, learning the opponent’s strategy.
  • Considering that it is a high-end bot, the software would also possess knowledge gained over millions of games played in the past. 
  • Using the knowledge that it already possesses and information regarding the opponent’s strategy, the bot would devise its own winning strategy. 
  • A poker bot is capable of interacting with the poker room and playing on its own, i.e., without the assistance from a human. 

Using a poker bot is quite easy too, as all one has to do is set up the poker room and the bot. A good poker bot can fetch quite a good win rate and high returns. 

Rose Bridges
the authorRose Bridges