Why Do Players Lose In 4D TOTO?

Gambling is popular in Malaysia and Singapore. Indeed, Malaysians and Singaporeans love trying their luck in casino games and sports betting. Yet, the lottery is also their favourites, especially the 4-Digits or 4D.

A lucky digit combination drawn during the 4D draw can change one’s fortune overnight. The ticket’s price is affordable, yet the return on investment is much bigger than one may think. 

Given such circumstances, people wage their stake no matter the amount. Sometimes, based on gut feelings only. However, a 4D online bet is not about luck always.

Still puzzled? If yes, here are the logical reasons why bettors are losing this lottery:

Your Odds of Winning is One to 14 Million of Chances

In the 4D game, players can choose their four-digit combinations between 0000 and 9999 they believe will be drawn in the lottery. Each participating bet has 23 in 10,000 winning odds approximately. 

Higher than you expected, right? But, hitting the four numbers in the correct order is one in 10,000. You might have already perceived how complicated this game could be by reading such improbable stats. As a tip, do not bet on a whim.

No Luck Can Reward You the Biggest Prize

There is no such thing as luck in the lottery. No specific number can give you the jackpot prize, as winners tipped to others and were contrary to popular belief. 

Not to mention, lottery balls have no differences when drawn. In reality, 4D and Toto drawings have a 0.01 percent margin of error. Organisers also monitor it meticulously to ensure efficacy. In this way, all balls weigh equal and have the same chances of getting selected. It only proves that accurately predicting the outcome based on one’s ability is challenging and close to impossible.

Winning yet Losing

Whether you buy TOTO online today, tomorrow, or next month, its fixed-odds remains stagnant regardless of every move a player makes. Thus, losing a bet might lead to doubling the wager in the next try to regain the losses, known as the Martingale system from 18th century France. 

It gets executed in the form of Singapore’s 10,000-dollar reserve, giving every participant 10,000 opportunities to win. The Martingale system gets implemented in this way. The said tactic provides money for a gambler if he wins the highest prize and has the infinite wealth needed to try again.


Winning in the 4D and TOTO lottery is no joke. Players should formulate strategies like mixing odd and even numbers and tracking previous draw results to increase their winning chances. Getting the winning digits may be pure guesswork, yet patterns are there for you to observe and analyse.

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