Skill-Based Slot Machines: How Do They Work?

One of the biggest revolutions in online gaming has been skill-based slot machine games. These machines are designed to operate just like a simple video game you can see your score, and compete with other players based on your performance.

“The popularity of these games can be attributed to the fact that they are skill-based slot machines, which rewards a player for playing well instead of relying purely on luck. This leads to more enjoyment and satisfaction from every game, rather than just hoping to get lucky by guessing the right symbols at the right time,” says Mr. Ong, the current CEO of WS88 in  Singapore.

What is a Skill-Based Slot Machine?

Skill-based slot machines are exactly as they sound – games that rely on the player’s gaming skills to provide payouts. Instead of players depending on luck, these slots require some type of physical or mental activity from the player in order to play.

The most popular type of skill-based slot machines are video slots. The first video slot was produced in 1976 and they have been wildly popular since their creation. Video slots typically require knowledge of a game’s subject matter, like football or baseball, to win something that the average person might not know much about.

Some skill-based machines are just simple quizzes, while others require you to participate in some sort of activity, like Microsoft’s You Don’t Know Jack!

For example, at casinos across the country players can find video slots based on the television show The Price is Right. In these machines, players are given a sample pricing game to play and if they get it right they’ll win credits. To simulate the show’s pricing games, the machine uses a variety of buttons and sliders to control multiple values at once.

In addition to being more interactive, these newer skill based slots found at many online slots singapore sites are also much more auditable than their traditional counterparts. Because they rely on random numbers generated by a computer, there’s no need for the machines to be actively monitored. This makes it harder to rig or cheat, assuring players that their winnings are fair and won’t disappear overnight.

How Do They Work?

Skill-based slot machines work similar to traditional slots – you are given a set of reels to spin, and the reels are designed to show a combination of symbols which will determine whether you win money or not.

But, instead of just being given free reign as with regular slots, skill-based slot machines operate using a point based system – each time that you play the machine and make a move, points are deducted from your total.

A lot of skill-based slot machines also have various limits on how much they can be played, and also time limits which determine how long you have to play before you run out of credits. Some even allow players to sacrifice a portion of their earnings in order to extend the time that they have to play.

Once all of your points are depleted, you will no longer be able to play the machine until you either spend more money or wait for a period of time, which will slowly refill your point total.

What makes skill based slot machines different from other slots?

Traditional slot machines rely on the player’s luck to play and pay out, while skill-based require you to do something in order to win, whether it be answering questions or playing a game like blackjack at the same time.

Mr. Ong stated that there is no guarantee that traditional slot machines will pay out. Not everyone who plays a slot machine will win, even if they play a machine long enough. Skill based slots offer players the chance to win more than traditional slots because of their increased interactivity. And since there is no way for them to cheat, skill based slots can be more easily audited to ensure that they are paying out fair and accurate amounts.

Also, unlike their traditional counterparts, skill based slots don’t require as much maintenance or upkeep to keep them working properly. Traditional slot machines rely on a constant flow of coins to operate, something that requires employees to work hard cleaning the games down in order for them to stay running all day long. By comparison, skill based slots are self-contained and don’t require constant maintenance.


If you’ve never played a skill-based slot machine before, then you should definitely try them out next time you’re in an online slots singapore casino. They really are a lot of fun, and offer much more player interaction than regular slot machines do.